Getting KIDS on the playground

"Now everything has to have a uniform and get a participation trophy."

That was the quote from Jeff Van Gundy while calling the Cavs vs Raptors playoff game.

He and Mark Jackson were discussing how there aren't a lot of kids who play on playgrounds these days.

Now I don't know how true that really is.  But I can admit, as a parent, I worry that it is becoming a reality.  I realize times have changed.  I get it.  But I look around and see how busy parents are because of the kid's busy schedules.  It's crazy.  Throw in all the electronic devices and it just seems as though kids these days are not able to just be kids -- getting lost in their imagination.

I went to our elementary school the other night to shoot hoops.  The courts were empty...until a 1st grade performance finished and suddenly I had 6 little boys swarming me on the court wanting to play ball, while all dressed up in shirts and ties.  As much as I love the therapy of 'solo court time', I gotta say it was a lot of fun watching these crazy little kids play 3 on 3 while I tried to referee. They may have confused basketball with football the way they were playing (or perhaps that's just how little boys are? I have a daughter with another on the way, so what do I know?), but the pure excitement and joy of trying to score a basket was contagious. 

It was refreshing.

Perhaps there is hope?  

I feel as though my goal and mission with Milk Crate Basketball is evolving into more than just "Giving KIDS an Assist", but also just getting these KIDS out on playground courts -- whether that 'playground' is at a school, a park, the side of barn or in a driveway. 

Perhaps I'm delusional?

Perhaps.  If you happen to have faith in a delusional 41 year old dad, feel free to donate to the cause