Jordans & Hyperdunks

I'm not exactly sure where this nonprofit idea of mine will go.  I've already had an entire basketball hoop donated...I didn't anticipate that.

I thought I'd just sell some merchandise and accept donations as ways to raise money in order to "Give KIDS an Assist".

Then my sister got wind of the idea and in the mail showed up a box of Nike basketball shoes from my 2 nephews, Nick and Lance.  I never considered accepting 'lightly used' donations. And when I say 'lightly used'...some of these shoes look like brand new still.  And they are sweet!  We're talking a pair of Jordans, a couple pair of Hyperdunks and more.  There's bound to be some KIDS out there who would love to wear these.

So now, like the basketball hoop, I get to find a home for some really nice 'lightly used' basketball shoes all thanks to my nephews in Virginia.

If you wanna help...

Purchase the Milk Crate Basketball t-shirt for MEN, WOMEN and KIDS.

And if you'd like to can do that too.

I know some of you are waiting to purchase other gear...stand by, I'm getting there.

I've been reaching out to a handful of local nonprofits and school organizations in order to locate and identify the KIDS that Milk Crate Basketball will be able to ASSIST.

Thanks for the shoes Nick and Lance!