Getting ready for some assists.

Milk Crate Basketball is about to get it's first taste of playing time and the opportunity to dish out some assists.

I've partnered with the Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) LEAP Program.  LEAP stands for Learning, Enrichment, Athletic Program and offers basketball for boys and girls, from 2nd grade thru 8th grade.

Most of the seasons have already finished, or are currently in-season, but there's one left yet this school year -- 2nd & 3rd grade boys, which begins in April.

Of course, it's interesting how the Universe works.  As I think back to those days of playing milk crate basketball in that trailer park, I was probably about that same age.  So it's only fitting that this is where it all begins.

We've got a process in place in order to identify the kids who may need an assist - anything from entry fees (this is a pay-to-play program) to equipment.

Just last year, there were more than 70 boys in the 2nd and 3rd grade alone who qualified for lower participation fees based on their household situations.  The standard pay-to-play fee for 2nd & 3rd grade boys is $40.  Kids who qualify for free and reduced lunches can play for $10 and $20.

These dollar amounts make a difference.  There's a real need.  A need not only for participation fees, but also shoes, athletic wear, etc.

If you'd like to donate, you can do that here.

If you'd like a Milk Crate Basketball t-shirt (proceeds go to the cause), start here.

If you have something else to donate or contribute, send me a note here.

As always, thanks for listening, for caring and for the support.