My Bionic Basketball Bicep

Playing basketball regularly 2 nights a week while working on Milk Crate Basketball has been a very therapeutic and enjoyable process.

Unfortunately, I've been moved to the injured reserved list due to tearing my bicep...while playing basketball.  During surgery last week, they drilled a hole into my arm, put in a titanium anchor and then reattached the bicep tendon to the anchor.  So I now have titanium in my arm.  But it sounds way cooler to call it a Bionic Bicep.  And yes, it hurts about as much as it sounds it should!

While letting the initial depression and reality of not being able to play, along with the anesthesia, wear off and with heavy pain killers in my system, luckily there was plenty of NCAA conference tournaments on TV to watch, and of course the Big Dance is getting ready to tip-off.  It's the best time of year to be a basketball fan.

To fill the void of no basketball for a few weeks, I'm hoping to direct that energy to continued Milk Crate Basketball growth.

We will be shopping again this weekend for another 8 year old boy.  Milk Crate Basketball is providing shoes and other gear so he can play ball for the first time.  My daughter goes along and helps pick out the gear.  She'll be 6 in a few months.  It feels just as good assisting these kids as is does watching her learn about what it is we are doing, and why we are doing it.  My wife was right when she said this would be a wonderful life lesson for her.

I'll be honest, this sucks.  No basketball for a while.  It hurts typing these words.  My arm (right arm) still doesn't like to be in this position.  And yes, there was real depression that set in initially.  But when I get Assist Applications in from parents who need a hand, and when we have the opportunity to makes this 'temporary' injury much easier to deal with.

My Bionic Basketball Bicep, as cool as it sounds, isn't nearly as cool as doing something that matters.

Thank you for the support.  

Bionic Rod