An Assist from Alyssa

I wanted to recognize Alyssa and her generosity.  This past summer her mom contacted me to let me know that Alyssa wanted to do something to help Milk Crate Basketball.  So, she setup a good old fashioned lemonade stand for the month of August to raise money for the cause.

Savannah and I had the opportunity to meet Alyssa where we were presented a check for $150 for Milk Crate Basketball.  

That officially makes Alyssa the single largest donor in Milk Crate Basketball's young history so far.

We presented her with a "Certificate of Awesomeness" (because lets' face, it's pretty awesome what she did), along with a MCB t-shirt and a new Spalding basketball.

In a world full of social media bullying and electronic device distraction, it has been refreshing to meet someone like Alyssa.  It gives me hope.  With kids like her, the world is in good hands.

Thanks again, Alyssa, for your contribution to "Giving KIDS an Assist".