A need greater than I realized.

After a very good meeting with a local organization that provides basketball programs for 2nd - 8th grade boys and girls, today it became very apparent to me that Milk Crate Basketball is needed...more than I realized.

I was floored with the real need, just in our immediate area here in Traverse City, Mi.  From the pay-to-play fees, to shoes, to basketballs...there is no shortage of kids who need an assist.

I'm use to walking into someone's office or place of business with a sales pitch and facing that initial resistance.  That's pretty normal when you are trying to sell something.  

I learned today that when you walk into someone's office genuinely wanting to assist their organization, there's no 'selling' involved.  It's 'helping'. 

I'm looking forward to working with this organization to identify the families and the kids that Milk Crate Basketball can assist.  Some of the basketball seasons have ended, another has just started.  But 2nd & 3rd grade boys starts in April.  That is the target to start passing out some assists.

We are working through some details, and once they are hammered out I can talk in more detail about the organization and how exactly Milk Crate Basketball will be helping.

If you'd like to donate...we sure could use your help.

And if you'd like to purchase a Milk Crate Basketball t-shirt to support the cause, you can do that here.

Today, it really felt like this little idea started to become real.