Retro Jordan's & the Trailer Park Kid Inside.

Fresh off of my living room tantrum after my Michigan Wolverines lost in the Sweet 16, I'm typing away and watching another game.  It's March MADness alright.

But, it's all in good fun at this point in my life.   Although, it does feel pretty good to get wound while watching a basketball game.  My wife just shakes her head. 

As I watch these college kids play, it also feels good to know Milk Crate Basketball is doing its small part to assist KIDS in need. 

I'm proud of the fact that we've been able to provide entry fees, balls, shorts, shirts and really nice shoes (Nike, Under Armour & Adidas) to deserving kids in need.  

I realize those name brand shoes are just a result of marketing.  That's the world I live in.  I get it.  But I also realize what it's like to be a KID and wanting nothing more than a pair of name brand shoes to play ball in, but not having the resources for it to become reality. 

As I've said before, Milk Crate Basketball is as selfish as it is selfless.  It makes me feel good to do something that matters.  I feel as though I'm "assisting" that young version of myself in that trailer park north of Flint.  

So as I sit here frantically typing while still trying to calm down from that missed last second 3-pointer, I'm also breaking in a brand new pair of retro Air Jordan's (shop and you can find killer deals). 

A 42-year old man, dad and husband thinking he's cool with his new retro Jordan's is a funny thought and probably an even funnier sight.  But that trailer park kid inside me feels pretty damn good right now.  

And THAT is what I want Milk Crate Basketball to do for these KIDS we assist -- to make them feel damn good.  They deserve to just as much as the other kids on the court or the playground.

If you'd like to help, if you'd like to make it possible for these KIDS to feel damn good, just click this conveniently placed link.

I mean...come on, look at these things.  I don't care what my daughter says, daddy is cool.