Where does the money go?

I'm sure you've seen the segments on the news about nonprofits raising all kinds of money...but not actually using very much of it toward their supposed mission.  Instead it goes to bloated salaries and administrative costs, crazy travel expenses, and appears to be an overall attempt at a money making scheme at times.

So...what happens when / if you donate to Milk Crate Basketball or purchase Milk Crate Basketball gear?

100% of net DONATIONS will go directly toward giving kids an assist.  

I say 'net' because there are some transaction fees associated with accepting donations.  In this case it's 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (There are no setup fees, monthly fees or extra charge for failed transactions).  So if you donated $50....the net donation would be $48.25. 

If you'd like, you can DONATE HERE.

80% of net MERCHANDISE sales will go directly toward giving kids an assist.  

I have to fund the organization somehow, and I don't want to do that through donations alone, which is one of the reasons why I decided to have a logo created that people would want to wear, in order to offer merchandise to also raise money.  You will eventually be able to purchase merchandise directly from this website and there will be select merchandise available via Teespring.

So...the remaining 20% of net merchandise sales is how I plan on being able to fund Milk Crate Basketball.  

Where does the 20% go?

It goes toward re-stocking inventory.  When merchandise sells, I'll need to re-order more so I can sell more in order to raise more money.  See how that works?!

It will also be used to pay for the little operational and marketing costs associated with Milk Crate Basketball. There are no salaries.  I'm not paying myself.  There's no rent.  Etc, Etc.   I do have to pay for the hosting and maintenance of this website.  I may want to get some biz cards ordered, perhaps some t-shirts printed that are for promotional use and maybe even a small ad campaign on Facebook at some point, along with an email marketing strategy.    

I view that 20% as reinvesting into the organization in order for it to grow and raise more money to help more kids.  And I also view that 20% as a moving target moving forward.  I have no idea if that's too much or not enough in order to make this thing work...I hope we can figure that out together.

Again, baby steps.  Small.

Pretty straight forward then, isn't it?

100% of net DONATIONS go directly toward giving kids an assist.

80% of net MERCHANDISE sales go directly toward giving kids an assist.  The remaining 20% is how the organization is funded.