Why Milk Crate Basketball?

It's a good question.  Let's see if I have a good answer.

I'm not sure if it was becoming a dad 5 years ago, or turning 40 last year...whatever is was (or is) has created this undeniable 'itch' that I cannot ignore.  You know...the whole 'there's gotta be something more' thought that crosses your mind.

It's probably an age thing.

My daughter even made a reference recently about daddy 'painting his masterpiece' as I often refer to it.  Or, my other favorite, making my 'dent in the Universe'.

I guess she really does listen when I'm rambling away.

Back to that age thing....and being a dad thing.

I think as I've gotten older, and as I'm watching my daughter grow, I've began reflecting more on my childhood.  It's all a bit blurry.  I'm not sure if it was some sort of trauma from the result of parents divorcing, or all that damn moving we did.  Either way...it's blurry.

Except for basketball.  It's really the only thing that is clear in my mind.  All the way back to that trailer park just north of Flint.

My wife listens to me drone on and on and on about doing something that matters and painting my masterpiece.  

She is very patient.

In fact, it was her idea that I do something with kids and basketball.

She is very smart.

It immediately made sense.  I pictured myself back in that trailer park as a little boy playing basketball on a makeshift hoop.

My initial response to her was that I'm already extremely busy in my work / career life and that if I have time to devote to this, shouldn't that time instead be given to our daughter?  

Her response was along the lines that this idea was for Savannah as much as it was for me. That it would be the ultimate life lesson for her to see what her daddy was building and that she could help and get involved helping kids who needed a hand.

She is very generous.

All these years later, all this experience later...and it just seems like the right, natural thing to do -- give an assist to kids in need who want to play, have an interest in playing, or are already playing the game of basketball, but they could use a pair of shoes, a ball, a hoop, etc.

I can relate.

I can help.

So there you have it.  My answer.

For the record, when I refer to doing something that matters, painting my masterpiece and making a dent in the Universe...I'm referring to career 'stuff'.  I'm raising a beautiful little girl -- you could argue SHE is my masterpiece.  And I would agree.  She is.  And I would counter with the fact that during our relatively short time on this big blue ball why not also spend it doing something we love, something that makes a difference or something that leaves a dent in the Universe.