An Assist from Alyssa

I wanted to recognize Alyssa and her generosity.  This past summer her mom contacted me to let me know that Alyssa wanted to do something to help Milk Crate Basketball.  So, she setup a good old fashioned lemonade stand for the month of August to raise money for the cause.

Getting KIDS on the playground

"Now everything has to have a uniform and get a participation trophy."

That was the quote from Jeff Van Gundy while calling the Cavs vs Raptors playoff game.

He and Mark Jackson were discussing how there aren't a lot of kids who play on playgrounds these days.

KIDS need Jordans & Currys

No, I'm not talking about how kids need Jordan's and Curry's as in the shoes.  I'm talking about the Jordans and Currys that allow kids to get lost on a court pretending to be them.

Sure, kids today most likely aren't pretending to be Jordan, Steph Curry is all the craze.

Interested in an 'ASSIST'?

"Giving KIDS an Assist".  That's Milk Crate Basketball.

Of course, in order to dish out these 'assists', Milk Crate Basketball could use all the 'assists' it could get as well.

So if you're interested, here are the many way you can 'assist' Milk Crate Basketball:

My Bionic Basketball Bicep

Playing basketball regularly 2 nights a week while working on Milk Crate Basketball has been a very therapeutic and enjoyable process.

Unfortunately, I've been moved to the injured reserved list due to tearing my bicep...while playing basketball.

Jordans & Hyperdunks

I'm not exactly sure where this nonprofit idea of mine will go.  I've already had an entire basketball hoop donated...I didn't anticipate that.

I thought I'd sell some merchandise and accept donations.

Why Milk Crate Basketball?

It's a good question.  Let's see if I have a good answer.

I'm not sure if it was becoming a dad 5 years ago, or turning 40 last year...whatever is was (or is) has created this undeniable 'itch' that I cannot ignore.  You know...the whole 'there's gotta be something more' thought that crosses your mind.

Where does the money go?

I'm sure you've seen the segments on the news about nonprofits raising all kinds of not actually using very much of it toward their supposes mission.  

So...what happens when / if you donate to Milk Crate Basketball or purchase Milk Crate Basketball gear?